[Openstack] Question about Kilo Network Migration from nova-network to Neutron

German Anders ganders at despegar.com
Thu May 26 11:49:45 UTC 2016

Hi all,

We're in the middle of a transition from Icehouse release with a network
model using nova-network and a single VLAN to Kilo release. With Kilo we
would like to
use Neutron and multiple VXLAN tunnels, so I just wondering if someone has
pass throw a similar scenario and how do you resolved it?
Is better to have only one vRouter? or many? is there any known
limitations? We've almost 1000 physical servers and 5000 instances.

Another concern is how can we expose the new instances born inside of this
"tunnel" layer (Kilo release) to our existing non-VxLAN scenario
(Icehouse), we've many different types of applications like DBs, load
balancers, webservices, etc.

We would like to avoid the use of floating ip addresses assigned to every
instance and also avoid any SPoF and bottlenecks on the network nodes.

Ideas? possible types of architectures to use here? Also Is neutron stable
at Kilo release or is better to go with another OpenStack release that has
Neutron more developed for production?

Thanks in advance,


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