[Openstack] Federated Identity And Identity Provider Specific WebSSO

schmitt schmitt_hk at 163.com
Wed May 11 15:08:15 UTC 2016


I'm implementing the feature of "Identity Provider Specific WebSSO" on RHEL7+RHOSP8,
according to the document:

In the part of "Configure Apache to use a federation capable authentication method", 
I choose Mellon protocol for federation authentication.
When setting up mellon, according to the document:
there is a step, "wget --cacert /path/to/ca.crt -O /etc/httpd/mellon/idp-metadata.xml https://idp.fqdn/idp/saml2/metadata".
what's the meaning of this parameter,“https://idp.fqdn/idp/saml2/metadata”

Also, which external identity provider should i choose.

Could you please help me ?

Best regards,

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