[Openstack] Collecting our wiki use cases

Thierry Carrez thierry at openstack.org
Wed May 11 14:42:35 UTC 2016

Hi everyone,

At the beginning of OpenStack we have been using wiki.openstack.org as 
our default community lightweight information publication platform. 
There were/are lots of things in there, reference information that a 
couple people struggled to keep up to date (and non-vandalized), old 
pages referencing processes or projects long gone, meeting agendas and 
minutes, etc. That created a mix of up-to-date reference information and 
completely outdated random information that is confusing to use 
(especially for newcomers to our community) and that Google search 
indiscriminately provides links to.

Over the last two years, various groups have worked to push reference 
information out of the wiki, to proper documentation guides (like the 
infra guide or the project team guide) or to peer-reviewed specific 
reference websites (like security.o.o or releases.o.o). These efforts to 
move reference content to other tools and websites where appropriate 
will continue.

There are still a lot of use cases for which the wiki is a good 
solution, though, and it is likely that we'll need a lightweight 
publication platform like a wiki to cover those use cases indefinitely. 
Since it's difficult to have a complete view of what the wiki is 
currently used for, I'd like to collect information from current wiki 
users, to make sure we have the complete picture of wiki use cases as we 
discuss adding new tools to our toolbelt.

So, if you use the wiki as part of your OpenStack work, make sure to 
check if your use case is mentioned on the etherpad at:


If not, please add your use case, together with the URL of such a wiki 
page to that etherpad.

Thanks in advance,

Thierry Carrez (ttx)

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