[Openstack] Horizon missing loadbalance UI button

Erdősi Péter fazy at niif.hu
Wed Aug 31 18:14:07 UTC 2016

2016. 08. 31. 19:26 keltezéssel, Turbo Fredriksson írta:
> as it said to do in that page, you overwrote the package
> you installed (Mitaka) with something from devel (probably
> Newton - next stable).
> Look at the line above that python line. It say:
> 	Install the Dashboard panel plug-in
> I.e., overwrite what you already have.
Cause my Mitaka cames from package, all the files supposed to be under 
/usr/share and /usr/lib right?

Here what I did (after cloning the repo, and switch branch):
[root(cc1:0)] <~/neutron-lbaas-dashboard> python setup.py install &> 

Then i copied the lbaasgui_install content to pastebin: 

The only file, which had been created under /usr/share is the module 
file (_1481_project_ng_loadbalancersv2_panel.py file) after I copied it...

Can you point me out any _overwritten_ file from the installed package? 
(I know, that I have new files under /usr/local/ which supposed to use 
for the new Loadbalancer menu, but that not replace anything in mitaka 


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