[Openstack] port-delete issue

Yngvi Páll Þorfinnsson yngvith at siminn.is
Tue Sep 8 16:01:11 UTC 2015


I can't delete a subnet (id f505a109-07a7-420a-ae6b-aa5995126be7 ), because one port is still in use.

root at opst-ctrl1-dev:/# neutron subnet-delete f505a109-07a7-420a-ae6b-aa5995126be7
Unable to complete operation on subnet f505a109-07a7-420a-ae6b-aa5995126be7. One or more ports have an IP allocation from this subnet. (HTTP 409) (Request-ID: req-fbd64f19-2888-4d87-8e60-bc2cc920cd12)

This is the port in use:
root at opst-ctrl1-dev:/# neutron port-list | grep f505a109-07a7-420a-ae6b-aa5995126be7
| 220f1ad2-10bb-4d17-8cc5-3ad4f86f0b00 |      | fa:16:3e:15:20:59 | {"subnet_id": "f505a109-07a7-420a-ae6b-aa5995126be7", "ip_address": ""}  |
root at opst-ctrl1-dev:/#

But I can't delete the port

root at opst-ctrl1-dev:/# neutron port-delete 220f1ad2-10bb-4d17-8cc5-3ad4f86f0b00
Port 220f1ad2-10bb-4d17-8cc5-3ad4f86f0b00 has owner network:floatingip and therefore cannot be deleted directly via the port API. (HTTP 409) (Request-ID: req-4823d685-6dd2-4f31-aa8c-0c8b8aa624a0)

There are no floating ip's left on the system (I've already deleted them)

root at opst-ctrl1-dev:/# neutron floatingip-list

thus the list is empty.

Listing this up in the db shows  nothing either:

MariaDB [neutron]> select * from floatingips;
Empty set (0.00 sec)

Can anyone help on this matter, i.e. how can I delete the port  ( and also the subnet) ?

Best regards

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