[Openstack] Console via NoVNC showing garbled screen for Windows XP guest

Silvano Cirujano Cuesta silvano.cirujano-cuesta at siemens.com
Tue Sep 8 15:25:14 UTC 2015


We have a test installation of OpenStack where we can instantiate VMs 
via Horizon without problems.

But when we try to view the graphical console of VMs hosting a WindowsXP 
installation we get the garbled screen that you can see in the screenshot.

Did anybody observed something similar? I couldn't find anybody 
describing similar effects in the internet...

The graphical console via virt-manager looks good, so the QEMU VNC 
server is working fine.

The boot-up splash screen also looks good with Horizon, so the VNC 
web-client (right now NoVNC) works at least partially.

Since other VNC clients work fine, I think it's an issue with the NoVNC 

Some information about our environment:
- OpenStack version: Kilo
- OpenStack nodes running as VMs in a server that is behind a gateway, 
therefore network latencies can be high

Any help first to find out the origin of the issue and then to fix it 
will be appreciated!

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