[Openstack] Reg: LBaaS VM could not take http request

Prapulla Kumar prapulla447 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 25 11:44:09 UTC 2015


1. I have created two vms which is running application and kept in pool
with virtual IP Address and associate with floating IP Address i.e., using
openstack  lbaas kilo version.

If I access a url with floating IP Address it is getting. But if one VM is
down the load is not taking to another VM. ( ie,  the user sessions on the
VM which is down not migrated to the live VM. )  What configurations I need
to do for session migration on failover to other VMs..  I am attaching the
 neutron_lbaas.conf  and for your reference. Please find the attached files.

Please share some light on how to do session failover in OpenStack for
 high availability of the applications..  Do I need to modify applications
itself for session failover or VMs with HA Proxy will take care of it ?  I
am confused how to accomplish the session failover..

Any hints much appreciated..

Thanks and Regards,
Prapulla Kumar R
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