[Openstack] Vxlan/gre port is not created in br-tun Kilo

Amir Huskić amir.huskic at gmail.com
Thu Nov 12 09:00:12 UTC 2015


vxlan/gre port is not created in br-tun Kilo. I'm using PC with two NICs,
running Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and Devstack skript for Kilo installation (single
node setup).

My goal is to enable L2 connectivity between VMs (vxlan/gre network) on
Kilo and external Linux host.
Eth0 is used for br-ex and LAN connectivity. That part is fine. I can ping
and ssh to VMs using their floating IP.
Eth1 should be used for vxlan/gre tunnel connection between Kilo node and
Linux external node that have vxlan/gre interfaces.

VMs internal: 192.168.10.x
Linux external host vxlan/gre tunnel:, eth0

amir at openstack:~/devstack$ sudo ovs-vsctl show
    Bridge br-tun
        fail_mode: secure
        Port patch-int
            Interface patch-int
                type: patch
                options: {peer=patch-tun}
        Port br-tun
            Interface br-tun
                type: internal
    Bridge br-int
        fail_mode: secure

When I try to ping from VMs to external Linux host using L2 network segment
( -> I can see using tcpdump that packets are
coming only to br-int. When I try to ping from Linux external host to VMs
using L2 network segment ( -> ping packets are
coming to eth1 but not also to br-tun.

I can add vxlan/gre port to OVS manually but nothing change and also tried
with vxlan and gre but result is the same.

Here are my configuration files and CLI output (ifconfig, ip a, OVS
bridges/ports status, etc):

What I'm doing wrong?

Thank you.
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