[Openstack] Add external storage to openstack

Hauke Bruno Wollentin hauke-bruno.wollentin at innovo-cloud.de
Thu Nov 5 13:54:58 UTC 2015

Hi Navneet,

you could set /instances_path/ to another directory or simply mount your 
8T filesystem under //var/lib/nova/instances/


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> Hi All
> I installed openstack kilo on an ubuntu linux-server 14.04 using 
> I installed ubuntu and openstack kilo on a 512GB SSD (sda1). I also have
> 8TB HDD (sdb1) storage connected to the same system.
> Now I want that all my instances that i launch take up space 8TB drive 
> i look on the 8TB drive, but it seems it is using space on my SSD. Also
> here openstack gui shows no sign of that 8TB drive.
> Please help me in understanding  why is it so and what can be 
configured or
> steps I can follow to get desired goal.
> --
> Regards
> Navneet
Hauke Bruno Wollentin
(Infrastructure Engineer Cloud)
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