[Openstack] running multiple mistral instances behind a load balancer

Raj Subrahmanian raj.subrahmanian at sungardas.com
Wed Nov 4 23:34:48 UTC 2015

For the purposes of load-sharing and high availability, we are trying to
run multiple mistrals behind a load balancer.

We found out, quite by accident that if there are multiple mistral
processes running on the same box, they end up duplicating actions.
I suspect it's because they were sharing the rabbit (which was running on
the same box).
This particular problem should go away if they are independent mistral

However, they will still be sharing the same database. Will that cause

Has anyone tried this?
I tried searching for high availability with mistral, but came up empty.
If I should be RTFM-ing, please point me at the manual.
thank you very much
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