[Openstack] IP not assigned to VMs

Janki Chhatbar jankihchhatbar at gmail.com
Tue Feb 24 05:29:36 UTC 2015


I have 3 node architecture OpenStack setup running successfully. I can see
IPs allocated to VMs in horizon and by ifconfig command in the VMs console.

I then integrated this with OpenDayLight and the integration is successful.
I can see IPs assigned to VMs in the Horizon.

But ifconfig command in the VMs console doesnot show IP.

dnsmasq is running. DHCP namespaces are getting created and attaching to

Yet IP is not allocated. What could be the reason and how to solve this?

Janki Chhatbar
M.Tech (Embedded Systems)
Nirma University
(+91) 9409239106
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