[Openstack] issue in port-mirroring

ppnaik ppnaik at cse.iitb.ac.in
Fri Feb 20 05:46:36 UTC 2015


I have an openstack juno setup with one server as controller+neutron 
and other three servers as compute node. I am doing port mirroring on 
br-int of one compute node. I noticed that incoming packets from VM on 
other compute node where not getting captured on the mirrored port. The 
incoming packets from other VM on the same compute node where getting 

qvo5fa64d30-2e is the br-int interface which I had mirrored using the 
commands as below:

ip link add name snooper2 type dummy
ip link set dev snooper2 up
ovs-vsctl add-port br-int snooper2

ovs-vsctl -- set Bridge br-int mirrors=@m  -- --id=@snooper2 \
get Port snooper2  -- --id=@qvo5fa64d30-2e get Port qvo5fa64d30-2e  \
-- --id=@m create Mirror name=mymirror select-dst-port=@qvo5fa64d30-2e 
select-src-port=@qvo5fa64d30-2e output-port=@snooper2

Can someone please help me solve this issue.



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