[Openstack] reboot/shutdown in cloud-init script

Grant Schoep matobinder at gmail.com
Thu Feb 19 16:33:36 UTC 2015

So I've been playing around with cloud init scripts for VMs I have been

I have one example, which I isn't working. Got it from the following

So, its for the reboot/power off section

I've stripped out my cloud-init to just the basics, taken right from the
page. File contents are
 delay: "+30"
 mode: poweroff
 message: Bye Bye
 timeout: 30

It doesn't work,  I noticed this line in my /var/log/cloud-init-output.log

__init__.py[WARNING]: Unhandled non-multipart (text/x-not-multipart)
userdata: 'power_state:\n delay: "+3...'

So I am thinking I need to define the format. I was looking at


But the examples don't seem to show any of that. Pointers would be great.
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