[Openstack] Scheduler in Instance evacuation

Steve Gordon sgordon at redhat.com
Thu Feb 5 13:02:39 UTC 2015

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> From: "Dimitri Mazmanov" <dimitri.mazmanov at ericsson.com>
> To: openstack at lists.openstack.org
> Hello,
> The scheduling documentation [1] states that:
> "When evacuating instances from a host, the scheduler service does not pick
> the next host. Instances are evacuated to the host explicitly defined by the
> administrator.”
> The instance documentation [2] however says :
> "You can optionally include the target host on the evacuate command. If you
> omit the host, the scheduler determines the target host.”
> The two statements IMO contradict each other. Who picks the target host is it
> only the admin, or the scheduler too?

As of Juno "it depends" - that is if the admin specifies a target then they pick, if they don't then the scheduler does. Please file a bug on the first set of documentation.



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