[Openstack] [ANN] OpenStack Kilo on Ubuntu fully automated with Ansible! Ready for NFV L2 Bridges via Heat!

Martinx - ジェームズ thiagocmartinsc at gmail.com
Tue Aug 25 22:30:27 UTC 2015

Hello Stackers!

 I'm proud to announce an Ansible Playbook to deploy OpenStack on Ubuntu!

 Check it out!

 * https://github.com/sandvine/os-ansible-deployment-lite

 Powered by Sandvine!   ;-)

 Basically, this is the automation of what we have documented here:

 * http://docs.openstack.org/kilo/install-guide/install/apt/content/


 1- Install Ubuntu 14.04, fully upgraded (with
"linux-generic-lts-vivid" installed), plus "/etc/hostname" and
"/etc/hosts" configured according.

 2- Deploy OpenStack with 1 command:

   * Open vSwtich (default):

   bash <(curl -s

   * Linux Bridges (alternative):

   bash <(curl -s

 3- Launch a NFV L2 Stack:

   heat stack-create demo -f


 Only runs the "step 2" on top of a fresh installed Ubuntu 14.04! Can
be a Server or Desktop but, fresh installed. Do not pre-install MySQL,
RabbitMQ, Keystone, etc... Let Ansible to its magic!

 Also, make sure you can use "sudo" without password.

 Some features of our Ansible Playbook:

 1- Deploys OpenStack with one single command, in one physical box
(all-in-one), helper script (./os-deploy.sh) available;

 2- Supports NFV instances that can act as a L2 Bridge between two
VXLAN Networks;

 3- Plenty of Heat Templates;

 4- 100% Ubuntu based;

 5- Very simple setup (simpler topology; dummy interfaces for both
"br-ex" and "vxlan"; no containers for each service (yet));

 6- Ubuntu PPA available, with a few OpenStack patches backported from
Liberty, to Kilo (to add "port_security_enabled" Heat support);


 7- Only requires one physical ethernet card;

 8- Both "Linux Bridges" and "Open vSwitch" deployments are supported;

 9- Planning to add DPDK support;

 10- Multi-node support under development;

 11- IPv6 support comming...

 * Notes about Vagrant support:

 Under development (it doesn't work yet).

 There is a preliminary Vagrant support (there is still a bug on MySQL
startup, pull requests are welcome).

 Just "git clone" our Ansible playbooks and run "vagrant up" (or
./os-deploy-vagrant.sh to auto-config your Ansible vars / files for

 We tried it only with Mac / VirtualBox but, it does not support
VT-in-VT (nested virtualization), so, we're looking for KVM / Libvirt
on Ubuntu Desktop instead. But it would be nice to, at least, launch
OpenStack in a VirtualBox on you Mac...  =)

 Hope you guys enjoy it!


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