[Openstack] OpenStack upgrade Icehouse Centos 6 best practice

Leslie-Alexandre DENIS contact at ladenis.fr
Mon Aug 17 21:16:19 UTC 2015

Le 17/08/2015 14:53, Remo Mattei a écrit :
> Well this can be very time consuming but first thing first
> 1) how is your installation done?
> 2) is this an HA env?
> 3) chaining from 6.x to 7 is good but may not play well
> 4) database schema changed from Icehouse to Juno so keep that in mind.
> Then you can start thinking on the upgrades. I know some of my 
> coworker had hard time to upgrade. Recommended is rebuild / migrate.
> Ciao
> Remo


I'll face the same migration soon and I'm wondering if the point 4) is 
related to the db sync process ?
Does it modify the database schema ?

Though, anyone know if we must apply incremental update from Icehouse to 
Kilo or can we jump from Icehouse to Kilo ?

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