[Openstack] Getting started with openstack

Cameron Seader cseader at suse.com
Sat Aug 1 03:51:07 UTC 2015

Hi Vishlesh,What distribution are you installing on? If you have not chosen a distribution yet you could try SUSE OpenStack Cloud. 
That said. It sounds like your current setup is a test setup on a single server. I would suggest that you run everything in VM'S if your just testing. Can you give more details of your setup and your end goal.

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Hi all,
I have just joined openstack mailing-list and newcomer in openstack. To get started with openstack, I have 1 linux server available. However, I have already created virtual network of 4 kvm guests connected by ovs bridge. I had a question that If I install openstack in this server and create an openstack cloud of VMs in this server, than is it gonna mess up with the already created virtual network or is it perfectly fine to go ahead with?

Regards,Vishlesh PatelM.S. Computer EngineeringNYU Polytechnic School of Engineering

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