[Openstack] Suggestion for lab environment

Md. Maruful Hassan mrf.mnm at gmail.com
Sat Oct 18 13:25:09 UTC 2014


Apologies if this has been answered previously.

I have a working Openstack setup on my VM lab environment running under
Virtualbox. The instances launched run very very slowly (specially CentOS,
RHEL, Fedora images). I choose KVM as the hypervisor for Openstack compute
node so
that means running KVM under virtualbox. However, I needed to put
libvirt_type=qemu (instead of KVM) in nova.conf as virtualbox doesn't pass
VT-X to guest OSs. Is the slowness caused by this? Should I choose
something else like Vmware instead of Virtualbox? Any suggestion?

Btw, virtualbox vdi files reside on SSD if this helps.

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