[Openstack] [QA] How to attach multiple NICs to an instance VM?

Mariusz Gronczewski mariusz.gronczewski at efigence.com
Thu Oct 16 14:17:05 UTC 2014

> Is this the correct way to attach multiple NICs to an instance?
> Thanks,
> Danny


run a dhcp client on second instance, it should get added IP.

if you want to add port to existing instance then create port in

neutron port-create --fixed-ip ip_address= vm_network_name

then get its ID and attach it to instance:

nova interface-attach --port-id 6eb03b5e-48fa-4c2b-8e3b-c56137086896 instance_name

it *can* be done directly during neutron port-create... but doesn't
work in icehouse;/ (port is added to neutron but permanently down in
nova) so it have to be done in 2 steps

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