[Openstack] Openstack setup using 4 dell blade servers with 64GB ram and 300GB HD and 2TB SAN Storage.

dhanesh1212121212 dhanesh1212 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 10 04:45:13 UTC 2014

Hi All,

We are planning to set up openstack IAAS in our department for study

We have four dell blade server with each 64GB RAM and 300GB HD and 2TB SAN


1. At a time 40 users will be using Virtual machines.

2. Applications like Hadoop, OpenGL will be installed.

3. Since users are below 100 we are going for legacy networking.

Please guide me on how to set up openstack with above details.


1. what all are the services to be installed in Management server.

2. how many hypervisor is required.

3. Is object storage like swift is required?

Dhanesh M.
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