[Openstack] Multiple networking nodes and (vxlan) tunnels

Tom Verdaat tom at verdaat.org
Thu Oct 9 11:56:13 UTC 2014

Hi all,

Trying to deploy a high availability Openstack cluster and having trouble
getting multiple networking nodes to work with tunneling. Could somebody
help me figure this out?

I'm using Icehouse, Neutron with the ML2 plugin, openvswitch as it's
mechanism driver and VXLAN tunnels for the tenant routed networks.
Everything works fine with just one networking node, but for scalability
and availability I need multiple networking nodes.Unfortunately that
doesn't seem to work as expected. Here's what I've noticed:

   1. The networking node hosting the tenant virtual router is the only
   networking node to create any VXLAN tunnel endpoints, but only to the
   compute nodes hosting an instance of that tenant.
   2. No VXLAN tunnel endpoints to any of the other networking or compute
   nodes are created on networking nodes. This means Neutron DHCP and load
   balancing agents that get scheduled to other networking nodes are down
   because they can't be accessed from the router/floating IP's nor from the
   tenant's instances.
   3. Compute nodes do have VXLAN endpoints defined for all the networking
   4. Compute nodes with tenant instances also have VXLAN endpoints defined
   for the other compute nodes, but nodes without tenant instances don't have
   endpoints defined for the other compute nodes.

The main problem for me is that agents like DHCP and LBaaS get distributed
between networking nodes, and without tunnel endpoints they don't actually
work.So how do I get tunnels between the nodes working properly? Is this a
settings problem? Or is it simply impossible to combine multiple active L3
agents, tenant routed networks with DHCP, tunneling and LBaaS in Icehouse?

Thanks a lot for the help!

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