[Openstack] vm without floatingip can't be ping by private net

zengshan2008 zengshan2008 at gmail.com
Thu May 22 00:10:04 UTC 2014

I have already create an external network, and I launched an instance in that external network(without a floating ip),it can reach the outside network, but it still can not be accessed by the physical machine even in the same subnet.


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See how you create an external network if you haven't already. 

Once an external network is created in openstack, instances launched in that network can be accessed directly.

Thank you,
Ageeleshwar K

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Subject: [Openstack] vm without floatingip can't be ping by private net

Hi experts:
I am now using ovs+vlan mode ,and after allocating the fixed ip which is, I login the vm by console provided by the horizon page, and I ping from the vm , it works, but I have another physical machine whose IP is, and I ping it from vm, it failed, I can't ping the vm from the physical machine whose ip is neither.
Since we don't need all the virtual machine can be visited by the external network, so I don't want to associate floatingip to all the vms, but I need the vm can be visited by the private net, how can I fix this out?



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