[Openstack] Current state of 'roll your own' auto provisioning?

Jolyon Brown jolyon at limilo.com
Mon May 12 09:20:02 UTC 2014


Has anyone got a view on the current state of auto provisioning for
Icehouse? For people who prefer to roll their own development environment,
are Puppet and Chef (and Juju, or anything else) up to date? From my
research things seem to be a little behind or sparsely documented, is that
right? Has anyone had any joy with any of the automation/orchestration
tools out there or is it a case of ploughing through an install guide? I'm
happy with using Vagrant but even then it would seem to be a case of manual
configuration for OpenStack (unless I've missed new boxes on Vagrant


Jolyon Brown
jolyon at limilo.com

I'm available for hire! DevOps and OpenStack consultancy/freelance work
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