[Openstack] multi-region setup

raghavendra.lad at accenture.com raghavendra.lad at accenture.com
Wed May 7 05:23:00 UTC 2014

Hi Jitendra,

It is a good idea to test the multi-region functionality in Openstack. However the default is RegionOne while you create the endpoints in keystone.
We have tested with Cinder and the Glance API with different Regions’. I don’t see any update on the dashboard to change regions.

Raghavendra Lad

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Subject: [Openstack] multi-region setup

Hi All,
I want to test openstack setup with multi-region with common keystone or different keystone. My scenario is as :
Location 1 : Controller(n/w) and compute
Location 2 : controller(/n/w) and compute
But in dashboard we need option to change region from one location to others, and we can see the instances accordingly.
if anyone tested then please share the docs that would really help.

Jitendra Bhaskar
M :- +91-9989743042


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