[Openstack] Fostering OpenStack Users

Ritesh Raj Sarraf rrs at researchut.com
Tue Dec 30 12:36:45 UTC 2014

Hello James,

On 12/30/2014 02:27 AM, James Dempsey wrote:
> So, back to my original question:
> What information do you give new users to help them be effective in the
> cloud?  What is your go-to demo for people who don't quite understand
> what OpenStack is offering?  How do you reach out to people in your
> organizations who aren't OpenStack users yet, but probably should be?

Like you, I'm fairly new to OpenStack, or even to the whole concept of
Cloud in general.

For what I have concluded so far, OpenStack (or Cloud computing in
general), is a management interface for all your IT needs.

Needs that comprise of Compute, Network and Storage.

Cloud computing takes hundreds on physical nodes (comprising of compute,
network and storage), makes a database of their abstracted interfaces
(virtualization mostly) and provides a unified view.

It allows you to spawn of virtual entities anywhere in that farm, thus
making it a cloud.

Management of this entire infrastructure, is the key component here.
That's what OpenStack is.

So far, the best start-up guide, for playing around is DevStack.

I don't find it very useful. One for because it is tightly tied to
specific releases. And secondly because the entire process is very

Given the strong management stack that's been designed, for abstracted
components, I'd have wished to see support for Linux Containers. That'd
have allowed to prototype a 50 node setup on a single dev box.

The only thing not covered, would have been the compute component, i.e.
afaik Openstack Nova.

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