[Openstack] Failure to start instance due to network

Howard Luckenbaugh hlucken at us.ibm.com
Fri Dec 12 18:49:05 UTC 2014

I have an Openstack ENV using Nova.  I tried to create an instance and
in /var/log/nova/compute and network.log  it is failing with
2014-12-12 18:42:49.490 3008 WARNING nova.compute.manager [-] [instance:
0f3ebd88-e7b8-4447-b2f5-6e1375b47e72] Instance failed network setup
(attempt 7 of 11)

I have dnsmasq running. It is giving it an ip however not doing anything
else with it.

 I have the ip in my fixed_ips tables.   So I am not sure if the instance
can't be created because it can't talk to the compute node correctly and
have it assign it cpu and etc or not.

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