[Openstack] [Openstack-operators] GPG signatures failed for OpenStack Icehouse EPEL repo

Edgar Magana edgar.magana at workday.com
Thu Dec 11 00:00:43 UTC 2014

Thanks for the Clarification Steve!


On 12/9/14, 3:51 PM, "Steve Gordon" <sgordon at redhat.com> wrote:

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>> I don¹t use the RDO packages ­ however my guess is you need to verify
>> the rdo-icehouse gpg key:
>> But I am not sure where they keep that key publicly downloadable
>>outside of
>> their github repo.
>It's in the release RPM you install to add the repository:
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>> Subject: [Openstack-operators] GPG signatures failed for OpenStack
>> EPEL repo
>> Hello,
>> I am not sure if this is the right audience for this question but I
>> like to give it a try and maybe get re-directed to the right one.
>> I tried verifying GPG signatures on RPMs in the "OpenStack Icehouse
>> repo
>> All of them failed (see below).
>> This page here says the packages should be verifiable with the EPEL GPG
>The EPEL packages that statement is referring to (the repository for
>which is installed by the command that follows) are signed using the EPEL
>key, the RDO packages are signed using the RDO key.

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