[Openstack] (Juno) Swift Dashboard error

Amit Anand aanand at viimed.com
Tue Dec 2 16:50:46 UTC 2014

Hi all,

Thank you all for your help earlier getting through my issues - it looks
like I have more or less a functioning environment! I do have one error
which Im getting and have no idea why as I do not see anything in
/var/log/messages on why this is occurring. Basically when I click on "View
Details" on an Object I get this popup error from the Dashboard:

"Danger: An error has occurred. Please try again later." (screenshot below)

But if I click on the View Details of the container all comes up fine. I
can then take the URL and add the name of the file im trying to access and
works just fine. Anyone have any ideas?

[image: Inline image 4]

Thanks! Also I as you can see we are trying video streaming from our
development stack so any pointers on that would be very much appreciated!!

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