[Openstack] Horizon + vncproxy: ports 443+6080, and restrictive firewalls: best practise?

Don Waterloo don.waterloo at gmail.com
Tue Dec 2 13:54:37 UTC 2014

So my setup is pretty vanilla. Horizon runs on port 443 front-ended by nginx
(all services on my system are ssl).
On the same host runs vncproxy on port 6080 (ssl).

The problem I run into is, in some environments, the local firewall only
port 443 out (e.g. some guest wifi locations). This means that generally
horizon works, but the console times out.

Now of course I could force the users to VPN to somewhere and then use
it, but that adds latency and complexity. I would prefer if I could find a
to run vncproxy through the nginx.

Is anybody doing this? announcing the vncproxy on the same port as
horizon? If so, how?

I see that nginx (e.g. http://nginx.com/blog/websocket-nginx/) has some
for websocket proxy, but I was unsuccessful in getting this to work.

Any suggestions from someone else who has hit this issue?
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