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Tue Aug 19 19:17:41 UTC 2014

While you *can* hack things around to make it work, the answer is that out-of-the-box it’s not supported. In the Horizon Quickstart guide it lists “Nova (compute, api, scheduler, and network), Glance, and Keystone” as the minimum required services. All others are optionally supported from there.

That said, support for a no-compute setup with Horizon has been a common request since the Essex days, and there’s absolutely no reason it couldn’t happen. It’s not even that hard to do; nobody’s filed the blueprints and done the work. Filing blueprints would be a good first step.

Keystone, however, will still be required. Some people have suggested that Horizon should support the old nova-auth and swift-auth mechanisms, but to me that just seems fractious. It sounds like using Keystone isn’t an issue for you though.

Hope that helps,

-          Gabriel

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Subject: [Openstack] SWIFT AND HORIZON

Does Horizon support a Keystone + Swift only environment?
My Horizon instance can communicate with Keystone, however upon login, Horizon is now complaining about a mis-configured compute service.

When I look at the Keystone service list, only Identity and Swift are defined and supposedly Horizon only enables the service panels that have a corresponding keystone service list entry.
There is another, older thread on this same topic, but the 'answer' isnt that clear to me.
Something about manually disabling Horizon panels, etc.
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