[Openstack] Nova is choosing the wrong a wrong availability zone for the Cinder volume

Fernando Cortijo fcortijo at contactpointsolutions.com
Fri Aug 8 23:11:38 UTC 2014

I have 2 cinder-volume servers, each one with 2 storage backends.
Each of those cinder-volume servers are on different availability zones
(tdc-a and tdc-b), and there are 8 nova-compute servers (4 on tdc-a and
4 on tdc-b)
When I launch a new instance using the zone tdc-a Nova choose the right
zone to place the instance, but the volume some times is placed on
different zone.
I tried with many nova/cinder configurations changing scheduler_driver,
scheduler_default_filters but always with the same result.
I'm not sure about how to debug it. I added to
one line to print at the log file what AZ is receiving and looks like
Nova is sending a random zone no matter what zone I have chosen.
I appreciate any help!

Fernando Cortijo

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