[Openstack] how to tell dhcp-agent to advertice certain routes?

Ilkka Tengvall ilkka.tengvall at cybercom.com
Fri Sep 27 17:07:15 UTC 2013


how to tell DHCP server (dnsmasq) to advertice an extra gateway in dhcp 

We are running grizzly and provider networks. Some of the networks are 
in vlan that already have an external router among the existing other 
machines in the same network.

So we don't want multiple l3-agents for multiple floating ip ranges. We 
don't need any NAT rules for those networks, only a dhcp service for the 
given subnet range, and add the existing HW gateways address as default 
route to that dhcp responce.

How to achieve that by  using quantum/neutron commands?

I want this to be filled in dnsmasq config for the subnet by 


The environment is rdo grizzly on rhel 6.4, up to date.


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