[Openstack] Changing quantum/neutron OVS Plugin

Geraint Jones geraint at koding.com
Wed Sep 11 07:29:07 UTC 2013


We have deployed into production a cluster using OVS.

We are using "tenant_network_type = gre"

We have two controller nodes (these also run ceph for storage) each have 2
nic's bonded using VLAN's for the different traffic (Storage on one VLAN, VM
Mgmt on another etc)
We have a single network node (this is an oldish box with a quad core X3220)
this has two nic's one is a public facing nic, the other has two VLANs on it
(VM Mgmt and VM Floating)
We have eight compute nodes these are dual nic's bonded with the same VLANs
as the controller and network nodes.

We are facing a few issues.

1.) The network node has nic's that cannot exceed 1500 byte MTU ­ so all vms
need to have a small MTU to avoid fragmentation ­ this is a pain in the ass.
2.) The network node load is never under 3.5 ­ 4. This seems to be the case
if we are doing 10mbit or 800mbit.
3.) Network performance is unpredictable at best.

Are we doing something wrong ? Have I missed something here ?

Would moving to "tenant_network_type = vlan" make me happier and if so what
do you think is the best way to do that ?

Any input is appreciated as this is getting to be a pretty major issue :)
(happy to engage freelance consultants to help :))


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