[Openstack] Instances running on VMware ESXi are unable to configure IP

Ramon Acedo ramon at linux-labs.net
Sun Sep 1 18:13:03 UTC 2013

Hi Rajshree,

On 29 August 2013 13:38, Rajshree Thorat <rajshree.thorat at gslab.com> wrote:

> Hi All,
> I have configured Openstack Grizzly to use ESXi 5.1 as hypervisor.
> Creating/deleting instances from Openstack
> works as expected, instances are created in ESXi ( Verified via vSphere
> Client) and started ok.  The trouble is that
> VMs are unable to configure internal IP.  Does quantum have a way to reach
> vmware api to configure network.
> Does quantum plugin for vmware/esx exist?

According to the docs [1] VMware vSphere should work with OpenStack
Networking, i.e. Neutron (formerly Quantum). I have the same problem
setting up OpenStack Networking (quantum with the Open vSwitch).

I have a Nova Compute node as a vSphere VM, an OpenStack Networking VM as
the quantum gateway server and a controller in a different node. Everything
works as you described but the network doesn't work (needs an external dhcp
server which is less than ideal).

In KVM environments where the Nova Compute node has the guest VM in it the
same setup works like this:

- VM boots and asks for an IP through DHCP
- The Nova Compute has a GRE tunnel to the OpenStack Networking node where
the quantum/open vswitch dhcp agent provides an IP to the VM.

The tenant can set up any private network and it will work fine like
described, for example:

VM ( <--> Nova Compute node ( <--> GRE tunnel <-->
( OpenStack Networking node <--> dhcp agent (

In VMware, by default VMs are created to a vSphere Port Group called br-int
when using Nova Networking (as per [1]). I configured a standard vSphere
vSwitch with the br-int Port Group and didn't connect it any physical
interface on purpose (on the physical NICs is where I have the DHCP server
and I want to use the quantum dhcp agent).

I thought the Nova Compute node could have 2 interfaces, one where the GRE
tunnel to the OpenStack Networking node (eth0) is and another one connected
to the br-int vSphere Port Group (eth1). This doesn't work because when the
VM sends the bootp packet to get a dhcp response it never goes through the
GRE tunnel and it won't arrive to the OpenStack Networking node on the
other end.

I also tried to set a bridge between eth0 and eth1 on the Nova Compute node
and configure there the GRE tunnel. This doesn't work either, for some
reason the packets do not end up in the other end of the GRE tunnel
although I can see them perfectly with tcpdump on the bridge interface.

Has anybody successfully configured the VMware driver with OpenStack
Networking and the Open vSwitch plug-in or has a better idea how to do this?

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