[Openstack] Grizzly -> Havana nova upgrade failure: Cannot drop index 'instance_uuid'

Blair Zajac blair at orcaware.com
Wed Oct 30 06:06:58 UTC 2013

Hi Joshua,

Thanks for the quick fix, I appreciate it.

I took your fixed 185_rename_unique_constraints.py, copied it into 
restored MySQL back to 1 week ago and reran all the migrations and 
everything worked fine.

I've launched my instances, so I'm a happy openstacker ;)


On 10/29/2013 09:05 PM, Joshua Hesketh wrote:
> Hi Blair,
> I have proposed a new fix which I believe should work for you. However
> I've been unable to determine where exactly the duplicate keys were
> introduced. Looking up what versions were available in Ubuntu from 12.10
> you have been running since Folsom. This means you did not have the
> 133_folsom.py migration and should have skipped it when upgrading to
> Grizzly. I can't see anywhere else that would have changed the fkeys.
> So what I have proposed is to do a check for which keys exist in both of
> the problematic tables (as virtual_interfaces is also affected) and
> remove them bringing the databases inline with 133_folsom users.
> I'll propose this for backporting into Havana after it is merged.
> Cheers,
> Josh
> Rackspace Australia
> On 10/30/13 11:42 AM, Blair Zajac wrote:
>> On 10/29/2013 05:16 PM, Joshua Hesketh wrote:
>>> Hi Blair,
>>> Thanks for the clarifications, that helps.
>>> At the moment I'm trying to determine how you ended up with both fkeys
>>> so I can ensure the problem is properly fixed. What version did you
>>> first start deploying openstack from? Essex? and have you been just
>>> upgrading with releases or RC's or upstream etc.
>> I don't remember exactly, but here's a best shot.  I keep my systems
>> up to date on Ubuntu, so:
>> 1) Somewhere during 12.10 I installed OpenStack, I don't have notes on
>> which one.
>> 2) By the time I upgraded to 13.04 I had 2012.2.1-0ubuntu1.3 installed
>> as I have the 'dpkg -l' output saved just before the upgrade.  I was
>> using the packages from ubuntu-cloud.archive.canonical.com for 12.04
>> even though I was on 12.10.  Upgrading to 13.04 upgraded OpenStack to
>> 1:2013.1-0ubuntu1.
>> 3) When I upgraded to 13.10 I switched from
>> ubuntu-cloud.archive.canonical.com back to 13.10's native OpenStack
>> packages.  This brought me to 1:2013.2~rc4-0ubuntu1 and which have
>> been since updated to 1:2013.2-0ubuntu1.
>> Hope that helps.
>> Blair

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