[Openstack] Migrate instances/tenants between clouds

Alexander Stellwag openstack at stellwag.net
Fri Oct 25 09:03:59 UTC 2013


On 24.10.2013 19:51, Tim Bell wrote:
> Have you tried
> - snapshot
> - glance download of the snapshot 
> - glance upload of the snapshot to new instance
> - boot from snapshot

thank you very much. This is working fine but unfortunately not enough
for us. This way, we loose all the metadata of both the instance and the

- security groups
- SSH keys
- attached volumes
- associated fixed and floating IP addresses.

The idea is to have the VMs in the new environment appear exactly as
they did in the old one, so simply moving a snapshot between the clouds
does not work :(

We'll probably end up writing a migration tool to achieve our goals and
I' pretty confident we'll be able to make it publicly available vo github.

Alexander Stellwag
Deutsche Telekom AG Products & Innovation
Infrastructure Design

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