[Openstack] Migrate instances/tenants between clouds

Alexander Stellwag openstack at stellwag.net
Fri Oct 25 08:56:36 UTC 2013


On 24.10.2013 21:48, Joshua Harlow wrote:
> Whatever happened to doing in-place upgrades?
> Has that been problematic for u, are people just not doing it? If
> they are avoiding it, why?

If it was possible for us, then I would be the first to do it.
Unfortunately it's not that easy because we're also changing the
complete infrastructure (most notably going from nova-network to

> Shouldn't just going from folsom->havana work, if not, why not; it
> worries me that this isn't priority #0 if it doesn't work.

It works as long as you stick with your old network layout. I do
sincerly hope that this is the only migration we must to "the hard way".


> On 10/24/13 10:51 AM, "Tim Bell" <Tim.Bell at cern.ch> wrote:
>> Have you tried
>> - snapshot - glance download of the snapshot - glance upload of the
>> snapshot to new instance - boot from snapshot
>> The process we use at CERN is documented at 
>> http://information-technology.web.cern.ch/book/cern-cloud-infrastructure-u
>> This could be a good technique to document in the standard CERN
>> openstack user guide.
>> BTW, this does increase the storage in your glance server since
>> you'll loose any commonality between multiple images. So, make sure
>> you've lots of space on Glance.
>> Tim
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>>> instances/tenants between clouds
>>> Hi stackers,
>>> we're looking for a tool / script / blueprint to migrate
>>> instances or even complete tenants between multiple installations
>>> of OpenStack (possibly running different versions).
>>> I searched around the net but didn't find anything appropriate.
>>> Is any of you aware of such a tool?
>>> The current use-case is a migration from a folsom/nova-network
>>> based installation into our new havana/neutron based cloud. It is
>>> not necessary to migrate instances and volumes online but it
>>> should work at least semi-automatically to make it usable in
>>> large deployments.
>>> Any hints would be greatly appreciated.
>>> Cheers, Alex -- Alexander Stellwag Deutsche Telekom AG Products &
>>> Innovation Infrastructure Design
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