[Openstack] Flat networking, L2 access and externally assigned IP addresses

Stuart Longland stuartl at vrt.com.au
Thu Oct 24 00:18:22 UTC 2013

Hi all,
On 27/09/13 20:42, Stuart Longland wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've got a silly question regarding the flat networking in OpenStack.
> It looks like it'll do what we want, but I'd like to get some further
> information.  Apologies if this has been answered, I did look, I didn't
> find anything definitive.

I'm still looking for an answer to this question.  My full original post
is at

At the time I was running the Grizzly release of OpenStack on Ubuntu
12.04 using nova-network.  I've now updated to the Havana release.  I'm
contemplating whether openvswitch and neutron might do what I want, but
I'm guessing, the documentation is not clear.

It seems I'm not the only one asking this.  This morning I stumbled
across the following:

Could someone *please* shed some light on this?
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