[Openstack] Havana horizon dashboard bug, Django bug or configuration issue?

David Hill david.hill at ubisoft.com
Tue Oct 22 20:59:03 UTC 2013

I looked at the configuration and I see '*' there .

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On 22/10/13 21:01, David Hill wrote:
> Hello guys,
>                 I have an issue with Horizon dashboard following an
> update from Grizzly to Havana.
> In Apache error logs, I have the following:
> [Tue Oct 22 18:48:01 2013] [error] DeprecationWarning: Translations in
> the project directory aren't supported anymore. Use the LOCALE_PATHS
> setting instead.['horizon.example.com', 'localhost']
You already got it in the log:
set your domain name in (depending on your installation) local_settings,
which is located (for RHEL/RDO/Fedora builds) in
/etc/openstack-dashboard/local_settings and insert your domain name in

ALLOWED_HOSTS = ['ubisoft.com'], and restart the web server.

Docs to this are here:


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