[Openstack] Towards OpenStack Disaster Recovery

Avishay Traeger AVISHAY at il.ibm.com
Mon Oct 21 09:34:56 UTC 2013

Hi all,
We (IBM and Red Hat) have begun discussions on enabling Disaster Recovery
(DR) in OpenStack.

We have created a wiki page with our initial thoughts:
We encourage others to contribute to this wiki.

In addition, we are planning the following activities at the Icehouse
Summit in Hong Kong:
1. A presentation on the OpenStack DR vision:

2. A Cinder design summit session on storage replication:
3. An unconference session discussing the next steps for the design of
OpenStack DR

Note that we are not proposing a new OpenStack project, but are rather
focused on enabling DR in existing projects.  We hope that more people will
join this effort; the above Summit activities can serve as a good starting
point for that, as well as this mailing list, of course.

Thank you,
Avishay Traeger

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