[Openstack] Openstack IN a Virtual Machine?

Bob Ball bob.ball at citrix.com
Wed Oct 2 08:53:33 UTC 2013

I can't speak for KVM, but this is certainly possible using XenServer.  We've run nested virtualisation and nested OpenStack instances (primarily devstack instances for testing) many times.
There is a degradation in performance, as you would expect from nested virtualisation, but it's definitely functional.


From: Marco Fornaro [mailto:Marco.Fornaro at huawei.com]
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Subject: [Openstack] Openstack IN a Virtual Machine?

Hi All,

I have a question on Openstack that is quite important for my cloud architecture:

--> Can I have a complete Openstack instance running ON a VIRTUAL MACHINE?

Or, generalizing: can I have "nested" openstack instances?

...and ....If this is possible...are there any constraints?

->I'm interested to openstack instances WITH all network features available, meaning Quantum server with (preferably) openwswitch plugin, so I would be interested in VMs with a nested openstack image that do provide or access quatum server features...BUT even a flat DHCP network would be better than nothing!
->I normally use KVM as Hypervisor

Thanks so much for any help

Best Regards

Marco Fornaro

P.S.: if this is a "newbie" question I apology, but I cannot find a clear answer in doc (see for instance https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/HypervisorSupportMatrix) AND perhaps some little words could save a lot of time when trying to realize such a nested achitecture
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