[Openstack] No internet connection to the VMs

Darragh O'Reilly dara2002-openstack at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 1 08:24:41 UTC 2013


the packets from the instance are leaving the devstack VM with the floating IP as the source address. Even if they do get out to the Internet, upstream routers would not know what to do with the return packets which have the floating IP as the destination address.

Try this on the devstack VM:

sudo iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -o eth0 -j MASQUERADE

Then the packets will be SNATed to the devstack VM IP before they leave.

Re, Darragh.

> Giulio Vito de Musso giulio.vito.demusso at gmail.com
> Mon Sep 30 21:31:03 UTC 2013
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> Hi to all,
> I'm facing a problem with Devstack+Neutron+LBaaS.
> I installed Devstack+Neutron+LBaaS  onto a Ubuntu 12.04 VM adding the
> following lines to Devstack's localrc and then running stack.sh
> > disable_service n-net
> > enable_service q-svc
> > enable_service q-agt
> > enable_service q-dhcp
> > enable_service q-l3
> > enable_service q-meta
> > enable_service neutron
> > enable_service tempest
> > enable_service q-lbaas
> At the end of the installation I create a network with a "mySubnet" subnet
> (with a IP range and the DNS IPs set properly), a
> "myKeypair" keypair, a "myRouter" router and link the router to the
> "public" (as external gateway) and "mySubnet" networks.
> Then I launch a Ubuntu Cloud 12.04 VM in Horizon associating the mySubnet
> network, the myKeypair keypair and a brand new floating IP.
> I can ping and SSH the VM from the Devstack machine and the VM can ping the
> Devstack machine, the br-ex and the myRouter; the problem is that the VM
> cannot access the Internet.
> In particular, it seems that the VM cannot ping the DNS server (infact it
> cannot resolve any Internet hostname) even though the br-ex bridge is up
> running.
> What can be the problem? I'm stuck at this point for three weeks and cannot
> go forward in my LBaaS analysis.
> Thanks
> Giulio

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