[Openstack] [Swift] Try to get the final status of PUT and timeout

Samuel Merritt sam at swiftstack.com
Fri Jul 12 16:46:30 UTC 2013

On 7/12/13 12:34 AM, Jonathan Lu wrote:
> Hi, all stackers,
>      I test the cluster and get such error msg:
>          Jul 12 11:23:57 ubuntu-12 proxy-server ERROR with Object server
>          00/xvdb1 re: Trying to get final status of PUT to
> /v1/AUTH_test/test_8/e9a243cb0
>          462406a9ca10b590ed42a5f: Timeout (10s) (txn:
> txe58fdd4aaaf8402a86814b67272a1d1a)
>           (client_ip:
>      It seems that the proxy is waiting for the request of getting the
> final status of object and failed. Can anyone give me some hint that why
> this happened?

That error indicates that the proxy server sent an entire HTTP PUT 
request, including the whole body, to one of the object servers, but 
that object server failed to respond with headers in time (where "in 
time" here looks like "10 seconds").

That can happen for many reasons, including heavy IO load on the object 
server, and since you're benchmarking the cluster, you may well have 
driven the load up high.

Do note that the proxy will still return a successful response to the 
client if a quorum (2 out of 3) of the writes succeeded, so seeing this 
error in the logs does not necessarily indicate that clients are seeing 

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