[Openstack] [Swift] Try to get the final status of PUT and timeout

Jonathan Lu jojokururu at gmail.com
Fri Jul 12 07:34:03 UTC 2013

Hi, all stackers,
     I test the cluster and get such error msg:
         Jul 12 11:23:57 ubuntu-12 proxy-server ERROR with Object server

         00/xvdb1 re: Trying to get final status of PUT to 

         462406a9ca10b590ed42a5f: Timeout (10s) (txn: 


     It seems that the proxy is waiting for the request of getting the 
final status of object and failed. Can anyone give me some hint that why 
this happened?
     My test environment is:
         Proxy *1 and Storage *3
             Proxy: 100GB drives, 4 cores and 12GB memory
             Storage:400GB drives, 4 cores and 12GB memory

     test with swift-bench:
         concurrency: 20
         object_size: 50KB

     These errors happened when there are about 700K objects in the cluster.

Jonathan Lu
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