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I am very sorry for the late answer - I was really busy last week. Going 
back to this topic, answering inline:

On 2013/26/06 23:05, Monty Taylor wrote:
> Hi!
> Thanks for looking in to Phabricator for us! The feedback is helpful. I
> think we've also got some concerns around elements of it as well.
> However, I still don't feel like I fully understand what the
> requirements list are here. github isn't a requirement, it's a suggested
> solution, and one with already distressing massive negative
> implications. so I'd like us to work on what requirements the tool needs
> to have so that we can figure out solutions that will solve them.
Agree with you.

> So far, my understanding is that requirements are:
> - discussion
Yes, very well handled discussions are #1. I'd also add few features 
which I'd love to see there if possible:
* Great threading of discussions
* Labels (E.g. label for closed discussion, or implementation 
discussion, or design proposals, etc) - so the users know what is 
happening in the thread
* Formatting of messages (there might happen also implementation 
discussion above designed solution and I wouldn't be afraid of better 
formatting and letting these conversations happen there)

> - messages containing images
+1, yes.

> - possibly specific image annotation/commenting
Inline comments on images are not that necessary from my experience.

> Are there any others I've missed?
* I think also important are well handled notifications. With features 
like e-mail/web based, watch/unwatch thread or similar functionality.
* It might be indirect requirement, but I see very important that the 
tool is user-friendly for designers as well as developers. So I'd expect 
something not that much graphical, but very well organized and effective 
supporting all needs for both sides.
     - I guess designers (or creative people) are not that much 
demanding :). As long as it is not happening in Terminal and is well 
organized, I think they can get used to very easily.
     - For developers, I'd expect something not very graphic 
oriented/shiny, but more efficient and good possibility of formatting 
(e.g. for very short code examples).

> To summarize things we've learned so far about possible solutions:
> - Launchpad Bugs don't work due to lack of images
> - Phabricator is too image centric, and also confusing
> - github issues is not open source, and also increases confusion about
> OpenStack's use of github, and is not integrated with the rest of the
> project
> - mailing list is too text oriented and has a bad threading model
OK, agree here.

> We've got folks working on the area - so let's figure out what we need
> and then we can move forward.
Great, if there are folks who could help with finding best solution, 
they are very welcome!

> thanks!
> Monty
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-- Jarda
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