[Openstack] api to get info on compute node

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Wed Jul 31 04:02:38 UTC 2013

Great help, appreciate !!!

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Subject: Re: [Openstack] api to get info on compute node
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you can try:nova --debug host-list

the output looks like:
+-------------+-------------+----------+| host_name   | service     | zone     |+-------------+-------------+----------+| tt-devstack | conductor   | internal |
| tt-devstack | compute     | az2,az   || tt-devstack | cert        | internal || tt-devstack | network     | internal |
| tt-devstack | scheduler   | internal || tt-devstack | consoleauth | internal |+-------------+-------------+----------+

2013/7/30 mcheung63 <mcheung63 at hotmail.com>

hi all
    is there any api to retrieve the informat of comoute nodes? i want to know how many compute node is connected to control node(horizon)?

stupid question: why always a [Openstack] in the email subject?

from Peter

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主題: [Openstack] Inaugral Meeting of the NZ OpenStack Users Group 


A bunch of us who are working with OpenStack in New Zealand are putting

together a users group. If you're working with or on OpenStack, or even

if you just want to, then we'd love to hear from you.

The first meeting is to determine where everyone is at with OpenStack.

Do you have a 3 node or a 10,000 node cluster[1]? Are you a core

developer on an OpenStack project, or do you want to be? (Does that

thought terrify you? That's okay as well.)

From this initial meeting we'd like to work out what topic areas are of

interest to the larger group, and who is willing to talk about their

areas of interest.

Practical details:

When:     6pm on 26 August

Duration: Probably an hour and a half

Website:  http://www.meetup.com/New-Zealand-OpenStack-User-Group


  Level 3

  Catalyst House 

  150 Willis Street


  New Zealand

The front door of Catalyst House locks at 6pm, there'll be a sign on the

door with someones' phone number on it.

There'll be beer, non-beer and nibbles. [2]


[0] This footnote pointed to http://www.openstack.org for non-OpenStack folks

[1] You don't need to have a cluster to come along, that's okay, we can

help there as well. 

[2] Thank you to Catalyst IT for sponsoring this event.


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