[Openstack] Deferred delete(soft delete) reclaim interval

Brian Lamar brian.lamar at rackspace.com
Fri Jul 26 14:13:57 UTC 2013

Hello! I have some comments below, but you might also consider posting 
this question to openstack-dev at lists.openstack.org as I'd be curious as 
to the developer opinion on this question. This list is mostly for 
users/operators of OpenStack clouds.

Tiantian Gao wrote:
> Hi stackers,
> Now when reclaim_instance_interval is great than 0, the delete action
> will become soft_delete.
> How about let user to specify the reclaim_instance_interval? does that
> make sense? or anybody have the same requirement?
> Because currently implemented the reclaim_instance_interval is system
> level config. User can't control the expires time of instance. For
> example, I want keep a important instance for 1 weeks, and some not so
> important about 1 hour. That requirement make sense to me. I want to
> know you options.

As a user and an operator I agree with your assessment that this feature 
should move from system level to user level (but retain some sort of max 
soft_delete timeout which can be configured at a system level.

Perhaps something like:


If "delay_until" is set too far in the future, this DELETE call could 
return 400 Bad Request with details about the operator's maximum allowed 
reclaim interval.

> For security issues, we can specify the system level
> reclaim_instance_interval_max, instance are not allow to keep longer
> than the max interval.

reclaim_instance_interval_min: If > 0 then all deletes will be "soft" 
deletes unless "hard" delete is explicitly requested by user.

reclaim_instance_interval_max: If = 0 then "soft" deletes are 
effectively disabled. Users can never request a "soft" delete farther in 
the future than this value allows.

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