[Openstack] [OpenStack][KVM] Calculation of the number of virtual machines on a single node.

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Wed Aug 28 13:56:52 UTC 2013

The Physical cpu core is 4*2*2=16 ,  by default, physical cpu: vcpu is
16:1, you can change the rate.

so you have 16*16=256 core.

the memery
the memery is 96*1.5=144G

now you would know support how many vm. seem you need modify the quota, one
host seem have 16vm limit.

On Wed, Aug 28, 2013 at 7:44 PM, <josh at kleinpeter.org> wrote:

> That depends on how big the VM is, and what over subscription rate you're
> running out.
> Generally RAM is going to be your limiting factor, it is fairly easy to
> over subscribe CPU, and if you're disk is really unlimited, that isn't
> going to stop you either.
> Assuming you're not oversubscribing RAM, you'll need to account for the
> overhead of your operating system and various services, KVM overhead etc,
> say 8-12GB. Subtract that out of your RAM number.
> Then divide by the amount of RAM your base VM has, and that would be how
> many you could (theoretically) run. Your CPU over subscription rate would
> then play in as a factor of how many of those is really possible.
> More importantly -- try it out and see where it breaks! Nothing like a
> good load test.
> > Hello!
> > I'm starting to deploy a private cloud on OpenStack!  As the hypervisor
> > I use nova+KVM on Centos 6.4.
> > Tell me how to count how many virtual machines can be placed on a single
> > KVM node.
> > How to count the number of virtual machines on single node to get
> > everything working perfectly?
> >
> > Hardware configuration:
> > CPU: 2x  Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2609  @ 2.40GHz  - 4 core
> > RAM: 96 GB
> > HDD:Unlimited
> > HW: ProLiant BL460c
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