[Openstack] [Baremetal] Hardware enrollment need help please

Ryota Mibu r-mibu at cq.jp.nec.com
Wed Aug 28 07:33:28 UTC 2013

Hi Jake,

You can find the default user account and password to access BMC through IPMI in " EXPRESSSCOPE Engine 2  User's Guide p.8".


It could be wrong in the version of BMC on your server or if you used some configuration tool to build. So I suggest you to login to BMC Web console and configure user account and password.

Note: You can check pm_{address,user,password} by running ipmitool in your env as follows:
   # echo '<pm_password>' > pw
   # ipmitool -H <pm_address> -U <pm_user> -I lanplus -f pw power status


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>Hi All,
>Still trying to get baremetal provisioning to work, but I don't really understand the below commands. Would appreciate
>any help.
>I have a kinda old NEC rack server that has a BMC module on it. I only have an IP address for the BMC module and
>that's it. I do not have a user or password
>that I can set for that nor do I have the options to create one.
>Perhaps someone can explain exactly what is needed to enroll my hardware or does anyone else know of more detailed
>This is the only documentation I can find on this feature ->
>Since this feature is more popular in Japan, I wonder if there are any resources available in Japanese?
>Thank you!
> # create a "node" for each machine
> # extract the "id" from the result and use that in the next step
> nova baremetal-node-create --pm_address=... --pm_user=... --pm_password=... \
> # for each NIC on the node, including $FIRST-MAC, also create an interface
> nova baremetal-interface-create $ID $MAC

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