[Openstack] questions about storing balance

pangj pangj at laposte.net
Tue Aug 27 06:02:48 UTC 2013

On 2013-8-26 22:27, Robert van Leeuwen wrote:
> First you need to make sure you create enough containers.
> Especially if you the container servers on spinning disks you should keep it below 1 million objects.
> However, I would highly recommend running the containers on SSD's.
> Another thing you will have to take in account is the number of files per node/disk.
> Expect the cluster to slow down when you have more and more files on the node.
> Depending on the number of puts you expect to get the 5 nodes with 10 disks will be on the low side
> to handle 300 million files (assuming a replication factor of 3).
> Just on the numbers I would suggest to run with more & smaller disks.
> Best way to know for sure is running swift-bench or cosbench and fill the cluster with data to see how it performs.

Thanks Robert.

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